Science Panel for the Amazon Media Roundup


The Science Panel for the Amazon has received global and regional media coverage and visibility in thanks to our 2021 events, both traditional and social media outreach, as well as the efforts of our authors. Most notably, the Panel had widespread coverage due to our Presentation of Initial Findings during the HLPF and the launch of our Amazon Assessment Report at COP26. Check out our features below:

25 February 2020: Nature – When will the Amazon hit a tipping point?

21 April 2020: Project Syndicate – Getting to Zero Deforestation in the Amazon by 2030

24 July 2020: Open Democracy – La supervivencia de la Amazonía está en juego

24 July 2020: Open Democracy – A sobrevivência da Amazônia está em risco

27 July 2020: Mongabay – Scientists launch ambitious conservation project to save the Amazon

28 July 2020: CNN Brasil – CNN Mundo: impactos ambientais na Amazônia podem mudar futuro do planeta

28 July 2020: People’s World – Scientists form panel in attempt to save Amazon rainforest

31 July 2020: Academia Brasileira de Ciências – A Amazônia Que Queremos

3 August 2020: SciDevNet – Expertos se unen en un panel para preservar la Amazonía

1 August 2020: DW – Conocimiento científico internacional unido para preservar la Amazonia

10 August 2020: El Espectador – La Amazonia que Queremos Necesita la Ciencia

3 August 2020: El Colombiano – Ocho países por la Amazonia

17 September 2020: Valor Econômico – A urgência socioambiental

24 September 2020: Intelligent Living – 150 Scientists Unite To Protect The Amazon And Its People

21 April 2021: Project Syndicate – Getting to Zero Deforestation in the Amazon by 2030

1 July 2021: Mongabay – The conservation gains we’ve made are still fragile, says Aileen Lee of the Moore Foundation

14 July 2021: Reuters – Over 10,000 species risk extinction in Amazon, says landmark report

21 July 2021: World Economic Forum: These are the 10 key actions needed to save the Amazon rainforest, scientists say

31 August 2021: GLF – U.N. science panel releases initial findings of upcoming overview of the Amazon

5 September 2021: Reuters – Indigenous leaders push new target to protect Amazon from deforestation

September 2021: UOL – A Floresta Em Chamas

10 September 2021: Climate Home News – Conservationists back indigenous peoples’ call to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025

20 September 2021: O Globo – Cientistas lançam alerta vermelho para a Amazônia e pedem moratória de desmatamento

21 September 2021: Jornal da Ciencia – Painel científico para a Amazônia lança seu primeiro relatório

22 September 2021: Correio Braziliense – Estudo diz que desmatamento na Amazônia pode ter chegado a ponto irreversível

18 October 2021: EOS – New Report Puts the Amazon Rain Forest on the Main Stage at COP26

18 October 2021: Mongabay – Amazonian ecosystems and peoples on the brink – it is time for a new vision (commentary)

8 November 2021: World Bank – The Amazon we want – and key ideas on how to get there

November 2021: Folha de S Paulo – Brasil atravessa convergência de escolhas equivocadas, diz ecóloga

12 November 2021: UOL – A Amazônia Em Alerta Vermelho

12 November 2021: EOS – Traditional Knowledge Is Essential to Sustainability in the Amazon

12 November 2021: The Guardian – Transform approach to Amazon or it will not survive, warns major report

13 November 2021: The Guardian – COP Goes Into Overtime- In Pictures

13 November 2021: Mirage News – Science Panel for Amazon releases landmark Amazon assessment report 2021

12 November 2021: Valor Econôómico Valor – Painel Científico da Amazônia recomenda embargo imediato para desmate em áreas vulneráveis

14 November 2021: Ojo Público – COP26: La crisis climática necesita de más esfuerzos que los anunciados en Glasgow

15 November 2021: Eurasia Review – Amazon Approaches Catastrophic Potential Tipping Point

12 November 2021: Semana – Amazonia: más de 200 científicos piden protección urgente para esta selva tropical

15 November 2021: Inhabitat – Can the Amazon rainforest survive?

17 November 2021: WWF – Painel Científico para a Amazônia lança Relatório de Avaliação da Amazônia 2021

12 November 2021: O Globo – Brazil Is Affected by A Convergence of Wrong Decisions, Says Scientist

27 November 2021: DW – Científicos latinoamericanos alertan sobre “punto de no retorno” de la Amazonia

7 December 2021: CIRAD – Amazonie : un rapport de référence détaille des mesures concrètes pour lutter contre la déforestation

8 December 2021: New Scientist – The Amazon is turning into savannah – we have 5 years to save it

10 December 2021: The Byte – Amazon Rainforest on the Verge of Becoming a Dry Savannah, Scientists Say

3 January 2022: NCR Online – New report on Amazon Basin offers solutions to repair some damage to the region’s ecosystems

25 January 2022: Los peligros globales de la degradación de la Amazonia

3 February 2022: Japan Times – As forest threats loom, Amazon guardians organize as ‘minigovernments’

16 February 2022: Nuova Ecologia – Amazzonia allo stremo, la nostra inchiesta di gennaio

21 February 2022: Bori – A necessidade de proteger as línguas indígenas amazônicas

23 February 2022: National Geographic – Baniwas apostam na educação ambiental para conservar Amazônia

2 March 2022: Climate Crisis and Deforestation Threaten The Future of the Amazon, Says UN Panel

3 March 2022: “La Amazonía podría acercarse al punto de no retorno”: Panel Científico por la Amazonía

7 March 2022: NY Times – Amazon Is Less Able to Recover From Droughts and Logging, Study Finds

7 March 2022: Washington Post – Satellite images show the Amazon rainforest is hurtling toward a ‘tipping point’

9 March 2022: El Espectador – Amazonia, deforestación, agua y ciencia

10 March 2022: Abori – Precisamos apoiar as mulheres para uma Amazônia Viva

10 March 2022: Neomondo – Precisamos apoiar as mulheres para uma Amazônia Viva

23 March 2022: Más Colombia – Detener el desastre socio-ambiental en la Amazonia es apremiante para la humanidad

25 March 2022: NRC – Nadert de Amazone een kantelpunt van regenwoud naar savanne?

29 March 2022: Amazonia Real – Barragens no rio Jamanxim ameaçam o meio ambiente e os povos indígenas: 2 – Impactos das represas planejadas

1 April 2022: Abori – O potencial dos sistemas agroflorestais para conciliar bem-estar humano e conservação ambiental na Amazônia

8 April 2022: Más Colombia – El potencial de los sistemas agroforestales para conciliar el bienestar humano y la conservación ambiental en la Amazonia

3 May 2022: Abori – Dezenas de milhões de anos de história: dos dinossauros à maior biodiversidade do Planeta

13 May 2022: Reuters – Royal Society Names Climate Scientists First Brazilian Member Since 1800s