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The Science Panel for the Amazon, inspired by the Leticia Pact, is the first regional high-level science initiative dedicated to the Amazon. The Panel was established to make clear the scientific, economic, and moral case for conservation and address widespread deforestation, forest degradation, and wildfires that have intensified in recent years.

Today the Panel is composed of over 280 scientists who released The 2021 Amazon Assessment Report at COP26, which has been called an “encyclopedia” of the Amazon region. This landmark report is unprecedented for its scientific and geographic scope, the inclusion of Indigenous scientists, and its transparency, having undergone peer review and public consultation. The SPA also aims to stimulate science advancement by covering knowledge gaps and involving more science academies and young researchers, as well as by spurring investment in science, technology, and innovation in the Amazonian region.

The SPA is convened under the auspices of the Sustainable Solutions Network (SDSN). Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, the President of SDSN, is the convener of the SPA, Ms. Emma Torres is the Strategic Coordinator, and Dr. Carlos Nobre and Dr. Marielos Peña-Claros are the Co-Chairs.

SPA Secretariat:

Federico Viscarra, Julia Arieira, Diego Brandão, Isabella Leite, Gabriel Sperandeo, Julie Topf, Daniel Bernstein and Gabriela Arnal.

Senior Communication Advisors:

Pilar Calderon; Coimbra Sirica; Ilona Szabó

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