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SPA Members Shine: 100 Latinos Most Committed to Climate Action

Sachamama and EFE have unveiled the 100 Latinos Most Committed to Climate Action 2023, recognizing influential leaders dedicated to environmental sustainability. We’re proud to share that four members of the Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA) have received this honorable mention.

Carlos Nobre, SPA Co-Chair, is a Brazilian Earth System scientist, who brings extensive expertise in the Amazon’s environmental impacts and has served on the IPCC and in Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation.

Emma Torres, SPA Strategic Coordinator, with a rich history at the United Nations, has championed sustainable development initiatives on a global scale. Her leadership has shone through in initiatives such as “A Biodiversity SuperPower” and the UNDP Commission on Development and Environment for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sebastião Salgado, Member of the SPA Strategic COmmittee, is a celebrated French-Brazilian photographer, renowned for his “Genesis” project, capturing nature and communities in harmony with tradition. He, along with Lélia Wanick Salgado, founded the Instituto Terra, transforming part of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest into a nature reserve.

Belén Páez, an SPA Lead Author, has dedicated her 25-year career to safeguarding the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples’ rights. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Pachamama Foundation and as the Secretary General of the Amazon Sacred Watersheds Initiative.

These remarkable SPA members are integral to advancing climate action and sustainability.

To explore the complete list of honorees, visit: https://sachamama.org/los-100-latinos-2023/